Client features

What does KMD ORGANISED enable you to do?

ICE Pack – (In Case of Emergency) Keep all of your most important information in one secure place for your family and/or representatives. Addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details.

Important Documents Register
In this register is stored a list of all your important documentation and their locations.

Personal Assets Register
Here, a list of your personal assets and the key information for each of those assets is stored.

Key Relationships
Family members, trusted friends and anyone selected to act as an Executor, Attorney or Trustee. The contact details of all the important people in your life are kept here.

Event Calendar
An at-a-glance calendar of relevant renewal dates, alerts and key reminders on a month-by-month basis, allowing you to stay on top of your finances and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you need to action anything,

Wealth Tracker
Keeping a record of the changes in the value of your investments, savings, pensions and properties from one year to the next, allowing you, with ease, to keep an eye on whether your wealth is growing or contracting.

Tax Pack
With transactions having been monitored throughout the year, it is possible to send relevant Tax Return information to your accountant, complete with the necessary documentation, hence saving considerable time and cost.

Gifting Register
A list of gifts you have made over the past seven years and a record of ongoing gifts. This allows your representative to complete HMRC’s form IHT403 with confidence and ease.

Correspondence Log
This log gives access to all of your personal correspondence that has been scanned, logged and saved to the appropriate folder within one of your vaults.

Vaults – Personal
All of your important personal information in one secure place, including Passport and Driving License, Will and Marriage Certificate, accessible from any location, 24/7.

Vaults – Property
Details of all of your properties and their mortgages. Includes details of the energy supplier, the preferred handyman in that area, etc. Also will include all correspondence relating to deeds and the original purchase, and ongoing letters, bills and renewals.

Vaults – Banking
Copies of all bank statements and correspondence in separate secure folders for each current and savings account.

Vaults – Financial Products
A detailed list of all investments and pensions, along with all ongoing correspondence relevant to each one, held in individual folders.

Vaults – Businesses
Contains details of each business you are (or have been) involved with, including relevant dates, ownership details and End of Year reports.

Vaults – Vehicles
Details of each vehicle you own with their relevant financial reminders and ongoing documentation.